Domain Name Management

If you registered your domain name directly with us prior to 17th February 2017, it is probably still held on our legacy platform. If you registered directly after that date (or have moved the domain since) it is likely to be in our automated 'self-management' system. (If you are unsure which, you may use this link to check.)

The self-management system is fully automated. Using the management platform at MY.CHANNELISLES.NET, you may make changes to your domains' registration records at any time. Changes are reflected in the Register immediately. You may also use this system to register new domains in real-time. If you want to learn more about automated self-management, see here or to go straight to set up self-management for your domains, see here.

If your domain is in the old "legacy" system, you can still use the legacy contact change form or server change form.